Friday, February 20, 2015

Sketching on Sticky Notes

Post-it note color sketches
Found these sticky notes on clearance at the local Target, and remembered these neat color sketches by comicbook artist Todd Nauck. Thus a perfect opportunity for trying out a new art support just presented itself. It had never occurred to me to use such small format for warm-up drawings, but that is why it is such a perfect choice. It is small enough not to take too much time to cover with any medium, and it is big enough to test different mix media combinations.
Post-it note color sketches
For this first test, I skipped the preliminary pencil sketch, and doodled a coloring outline with a fountain pen.
Post-it note color sketches
Colored it with Prismacolor alcohol-based markers.
Post-it note color sketches
Tried some Copic opaque white for eye and hair highlights and outlining one side of the face.
Post-it note color sketches
Pretty good size for quick and easy color tests. Going to have to keep experimenting with other coloring tools as well.
Post-it note sketch
Post-it note sketch
At the very least, you can make some colorful stickers to brighten your work station.
Post-it note color sketches
Also spotted these Yoobi green pencil cases that looked like miniature backpacks. They looked cute, and it was pretty cool to discovered that its cammo pattern was made up of toucan silhouettes. I did not like how cramped the small front pocket felt, and its zipper did not open wide enough to be useful.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Expanded Palette and Test Mandala using custom squeezable acrylic paint markers

Acrylic Custom Squeezable markers color reference chart
Reloaded my original test markers and added a few more colors to our classroom set. This is the freshly painted reference chart.
Acrylic Custom Squeezable markers color reference chart
This what the colors look like when dry and my first test mandala next to it.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Art Engagement Gallery and New Drawing Pens Recommendation

JetPens Blog sponsorship lot: Sakura Kakikata Felt-tip Pens
Tried and really like the Sakura Kakikata Felt Tip pens for drawing and inking. Check out my full review.
Art Engagement class (5-10y)
These are some of the students illustrations drawn with the squeezable acrylic marker this week.
Art Engagement class (5-10y)
Art Engagement class (5-10y)
Art Engagement class (5-10y)
Art Engagement class (5-10y)

Friday, January 30, 2015

Brush Alternative tool for applying acrylic paint: Empty Bingo Bottles with Dauber Tips

Found this stash of empty bingo bottles at the Art Center, so decided to fill them up with some acrylic paint and dilute them with some airbrush medium (1 part paint and 1 part airbrush medium) to make some paint markers for class use. To preserve the integrity of the acrylic emulsion decided to use only medium for increasing the flow properties of the paint. Diluting with water might result in spoiled paint if stored for long periods of time and a weak paint film.
Put them to the test with my 4 & 6 year old nephews.
Bingo dotters are often used with Pre-K groups since they are quick and easy to set up with minimal clean up, but the width of the marks will be as wide as the dauber applicator.
They are a pretty good choice for Urban/Graffiti style pieces, and to cover wide areas quickly.
If more control is desired, you will still need to resort to using traditional round brushes.

Just like commercial paint markers, I find it best to store these custom acrylic markers horizontally to facilitate remixing and prevent paint clogs.

Made this sample piece for class using a combination of dauber bottles and acrylic paint markers. Depending on the desired markes, they can prove an effective alternative to regular paint brushes.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Frigid Zones Samples

Frigid Zones- Penguin Diorama
Tomorrow I have a half day camp with the theme of "Frigid Zones" at the Cary Arts Center, so I made this sample colored sketch on canvas board for show and tell.
Frigid Zones- Penguin Diorama
Also cut some watercolor paper into pop-up diorama bases since they are such a natural fit for ice formations.
Frigid Zones- Penguin Diorama
Cut some penguins on card stock, and made a quick demo project without any coloring nor decorations. Will encourage students to color them and their background with some cool colors and perhaps add some snowflake patterns to the background with silver paint markers.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Upcoming Drawing Classes at the Cary Arts Center for Winter/Spring 2015

For parents' convenience, I am posting the schedule of upcoming classes at the Cary Arts Center. It includes class names and their registration codes, so that should make it a little bit easier to find rather than plodding through the entire paper catalog.

Instructor: Lung, Alberto
Session: 2015 Winter/Spring Registration Session    

Graphic Storytelling: Manga Style (age 14 & up) 

82632b- Graphic Storytelling: Manga Style (age 14 & up)No class on Jan 19. Mon, Jan12-Feb2,7:00PM-9:00PM [3 meetings]
82652 - Graphic Storytelling: Manga Style (age 14 & up)
Mon, Feb9-Feb23, 7:00PM-9:00PM [3 meetings]
82653 - Graphic Storytelling: Manga Style (age 14 & up)
Mon, Mar2- Mar16, 7:00PM-9:00PM [3 meetings]
82654 - Graphic Storytelling: Manga Style (age 14 & up)
Mon, Apr6-Apr20, 7:00PM-9:00PM [3 meetings]
82655 - Graphic Storytelling: Manga Style (age 14 & up)
Mon, May4- May18, 7:00PM-9:00PM [3 meetings]

Saturday Teen Classes and Workshops - (age 11-16

82619 - Cartoon Sketching: License to Draw Everything (age 11-15)  Try new art materials to supercharge and refine your current sketching skills while expanding your visual library with the classic archetypes found in Anime and Manga. All sketching levels welcomed since instructor provides individual guidance. You are welcomed to bring your favorite sketchbook and sketching tools.
Sat, Feb21, 12:15PM-3:15PM [1 meeting]
82650 - Cartoon Sketching: License to Draw Everything (age 11-15) Sat, Mar21, 12:15PM-3:15PM [1 meeting]
82651 - Cartoon Sketching: License to Draw Everything (age 11-15) Sat, Apr25, 12:15PM-3:15PM [1 meeting]

Saturday Youth Workshops and Classes - (age 8-12) 

82637 - Fantasy Creature Design (age 8-12) Design and sketch creatures typical of Japanese comics. New and experienced drawing students are welcomed due to the one-on-one instruction.Sat, Apr11 - Apr11, 12:15PM-3:15PM [1 meeting]

Half-Day Weekday Art Workshops - (age 5-11) 

83085 - Robots, Ninjas, & Monsters (age K5-11) T4  Learn about the three classic archetypes that often appear in Japanese comics as heroes and villains. Learn to sketch your own versions of these archtypes to include in your booklet.
Wed, Jan7,  1:00PM-4:00PM [1 meeting]
83086 - Robots, Ninjas, & Monsters (age K5-11) T3
Wed, Feb4,  1:00PM-4:00PM [1 meeting]
83087 - Robots, Ninjas, & Monsters (age K5-11) T2 
Wed, Mar4,  1:00PM-4:00PM [1 meeting]
83088 - Robots, Ninjas, & Monsters (age K5-11) T1
Wed, Mar11, 1:00PM-4:00PM [1 meeting]

Cartoon Sketching Anime & Manga Characters and Creatures-(age 5-12)

82611 - No class Jan 19, 2015. Mon, Jan12 - Feb2, 5:15PM-6:45PM  
        [3 meetings]
82646 - Mon, Feb9 - Feb23,  5:15PM -  6:45PM [3 meetings]
82647 - Mon, Mar2 - Mar16,  5:15PM -  6:45PM [3 meetings]
82648 - Mon, Apr6 - Apr20,  5:15PM -  6:45PM [3 meetings]
82659 - Mon, May4 - May18,  5:15PM -  6:45PM [3 meetings]