Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A few more Mermaid coloring templates

Sample of mermaid fairy mini template colored with watercolors and highlighted with Caran D'Ache Neocolor I metallic crayons. For this coloring sample outlines were painted with watercolors, allowed to dry, and highlighted with metallic crayons in a bold manner reminiscent of the over drawings used on the Endangered Species portfolio (Warhol, 1983).
Another mermaid coloring template drawn with a Sakura Pigma Sensei 0.4 mm pigment liner pen.
No need to always color within the lines. Artists have the options of staying within the confines of the pre-drawn outlines or breaking free and apply color boldly in swatches to create excitement and catch the audience's attention. While it would not be practical nor safe to provide "diamond dust" (broken glass used by Warhol to add visual punch and interest to some of his series of prints) to students, similar results could be accomplished by using metallic crayons and sparkly glitter gel pens to add some finishing touches to marker colored templates.
Repeating pattern reflects Warhol's theme of multiples in much of his silk-screen print series.
Templates can be printed and colored with different color combinations to determine the best contrast and attractive designs by following the principles of color theory. Use a color wheel as reference to quickly pick sets of complementary colors for maximum impact.

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