Thursday, July 15, 2010

Still making paper airplanes and mini comic folding video

Made a couple of videos on how to fold this origami planes: video 1 and video 2. They demonstrate the same process with different colored sheets of paper should you find it easier to see the details in orange or green.
Squad of Jet Pack Troopers.

These templates can be printed on regular copy paper, but I would recommend using 24 lb letter size colored sheets of paper if you would like to fold your own colorful origami fleet of sturdier planes that could withstand a few more flights each.

A few templates for the girls.

Smaller planes (3 to 4) folded out of a quarter sheet can easily be stacked on top of a plane folded out of 8.5" X 11". When thrown together the smaller planes can reach higher heights and make for a more dramatic display specially if the smaller planes are of a different color.
Stacks of origami planes and bunch of mini comics ready for use as break prizes in upcoming classes. Check this video for instructions on how to fold a mini comic.

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