Friday, March 19, 2010

Elementary-Middle School Family Night Preview - Giant Fantasy Coloring Cards for Older Kids and Tweens

Early dragon concepts drawn with Pilot Color Eno violet 0.7 lead and adjusted to gray scale mode.
Hydra-type dragon.
Fantasy Knight.
Serpent Sorceress.
Ninja Elf.
Golden-armored Rah.
Steam powered Mecha drill-bot.
Lady Fleur.
Bipedal Dragon Guard.
Iron Shark.
Three-headed Dragon and Mecha Kraken.
Coloring cards sketched while waiting at the ER for a couple of hours. Mostly dragons , heroes, and mythical creatures in the style of popular Anime and Gaming toys. Thought of them as oversized coloring cards as I cranked them out with a variety of brush pens and pigment liner pens on letter size Georgia Pacific white card stock.

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