Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Crazerasers Quick review

Found this carded set of novelty erasers for a buck at a local big box retailer. I recall spotting them in the stationery aisles of some drugstores as well.
Each piece can be taken apart and put back together like a mini puzzle.
The white rice section of the Tamago egg omelet eraser did a fair job in removing its sample of the HB swatch, but the black base of the salmon roe eraser failed to do the same and left an ugly smudged surface behind. The poorly trimmed edges of the disassembled red sushi roll eraser.
It might be possible to use a sharp knife to clean up some of the rough edges, but it hardly seems worth the trouble. The erasing performance of these Chinese Crazerasers is rather poor, and they are crudely put together especially when comparing them to the flawless fit and high quality of the original Japanese products they are trying to imitate. Not recommended for fine stationery fans, but they might provide some small amusement as party favors or play food.

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