Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween and Fantasy Pop-Up Diorama Cards

Made a couple of pop-up card diorama examples for class. The samples were left unpainted on purpose, so students could appreciate the simple geometric structure used to create the environments for the cut out characters and mythological beasts.
With the help of sharp scissors and a glue stick, this band of classic cartoon monsters have taken over the Halloween Castle.
Side view reveals skeleton crouching within the castle.
Other side view with friendly ghost peeking behind the wall.
Simple pop-up base made with two 9" x 12" Bristol sheets joined together: one with the actual pop-up flaps and a second one for added stability.
Used a Sharpie Fine Point marker to add some structural elements and decorations.Printable sheet with some animals and mythological creatures for making fantasy theme cards.
After adding a few cut out fantastical creatures to inhabit this Greek-styled setting.

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