Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Possessed Pencils - I'd buy that for a Dollar !"

A buck for 8 Halloween theme pencils seemed like a pretty good deal at Target (also spotted party size bags with 40 pencils on sale for $3.50), quite a reasonable investment for the subject of this blog review.
Made in Vietnam.
The pencils sharpened easily enough with conventional and electrical sharpeners. The Halloween graphics layer yielded long plastic strips that could jam the sharpeners, so take care to remove them as they build up quickly.
As seen around the pumpkin stem, their pencil marks are prone to smudging.
The matching colored erasers in their ferrules are adequate for making corrections while writing, but they tend to leave some color residue in the freshly erased area. When drawing, you should probably rely on your regular white vinyl eraser instead.
While nowhere near as smooth as premium wooden pencils, these novelty pencils perform adequately for writing and some fun doodling. They are most likely HB grade, and can produce fairly dark strokes with heavy pressure.
While they might start drawing smoothly enough, every now and then the "Possessed pencils" can feel a bit scratchy when you run into uneven coarse particles within their cores.
The graphite tips wear down rather quickly after a couple of doodles.
Hmm, guess the Halloween spirit is still affecting my choice of doodles lately. These novelty choice would make a fine treat for the kiddies this coming weekend. Might be worth picking a few more next week for class use when they will probably go on clearance.

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