Thursday, June 9, 2011

Panda Sketching Pages - Kids' activity for a rainy afternoon

Inspired by Sachiko Umoto's Illustration School books, I drew this reference sheet for a cartoon Panda featuring a couple of different facial expressions.
Print the Panda template of your choice and and sketch additional Panda friends and/or some typical Eastern paintings' background elements like pagodas, bamboo forests, rivers, mountains, etc.
How about making an entire "Panda Village" behind these two pals? Maybe draw some huts, rice paddies, koi pond, and some more bamboo stalks. A couple of cubs could even be drawn practicing their Wing Chun techniques.This last template should make a nice custom paper for folding origami airplanes that would sport a cute Panda logo on its fuselage.
Bonus activity sheet: Draw the background for this scene set in Antarctica. You could go naturalistic and sketch an entire penguin colony with some seal friends, or even use your imagination and create an Ice Palace with fantasy glacial inhabitants like "Ice Fairies"or "Snow Knights".

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