Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Got Supplies Ready and First ARTScool class filled today, yaay!

Ok guys looks like we are almost ready to go for ARTScool 2011 next week: with our first week's class filled up and the remaining drawing supplies arriving today, all I have left to do is color a few finished sketching-page samples and fold a few origami models. Spent the morning at The von Liebig Art Center printing out the handout lessons and photo-copying custom origami paper for making our initial paper airplane models.
Note to Parents: If you would like to provide your children with a nice sketching set for working at home and after their summer art camps are over, I would highly recommend pairing a generous supply of paper/card stock or portable sketchbook (8.5" X 11", 9" X 12", or 11" X 14") with a Sakura Pigma Sensei Manga Drawing set as a well rounded starter set with 4 drawing pens of different nib sizes, 0.7 mm mechanical pencil, and efficient white vinyl eraser.

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