Thursday, October 28, 2010

Goof-Proof Pop-Up Card Project

Making pop-up cards have been quite popular with my Elementary School students these past couple of weeks, so I decided to post these templates in case you might want to give them a try. Simply print them on card stock, colored them with markers or crayons, carefully cut, fold, and glue the pieces together. Take your time and have fun.
Pop-up card template front. Print on white card stock for best results.
Pop-up card template back. After folding sheet in half, cut the solid lines of flap 1,2, and 3 depending on the number of characters to be featured in the card. Then fold each pop-up flap (indicated by the broken line on the template) and gently push them through.
Ninja warriors and traditional Japanese monsters cut out sheet.
For the pop-up characters to stand smoothly, make sure their bases are cut straight.
Trying potential different arrangements of characters within the card before cutting the pop-up flaps.
Making sure the character cut outs are wider than the pop-up flaps.
On this finished sample the Yurei (girl ghost) appear a bit crowded by the Yamabushi and Tengu in front of her. Thus decided to try switching the two characters in the foreground for the columns of a traditional gate structure as shown below.
To complete this diorama, two additional character cut outs (Tengu and ninja) were glued to the front of the card at different angles making sure that they had enough room to be folded flat within the card when it is closed.
Side view. Remember these samples were left unpainted for clarity. They are meant to show students in class the different planes (foreground, middle ground, and background) that can simply be created by attaching the character cut outs and Torii (Traditional Japanese gate) to the pop-up flaps of different length. For you actual project, you would probably want to first color the background card and individual cut out elements before gluing them together.

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