Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gallery of Students' Work

Finished pop-up cards by 4-6 grade students.
Halloween was certainly a popular subject with this goup of students.

This student clearly enjoys her time spent at school.
A couple of students made good use of the Pentel Outline metallic markers for some decorative finishing touches.

Since we ran out of pre-cut blank greeting cards, the group of boys had larger blank cards to work with that were made by folding letter size card stock sheets in half. Most will finish coloring and decorating them on our last lesson next week.

Completed face drawing assignments.
Depicting Kaiju encounters (Giant Monsters battling) was popular with the boys.
A few students even found the time to color and decorate their customized name plates.
Most 3 graders picked Halloween subjects for their mini comics.
The older students also tackled some Halloween stories, and a few tried for romance comics.

Mini comic unfolded.
Definitely a Shojo mini comic.

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