Thursday, March 26, 2009

Manga Sketching workshop for the CCPL Anime Club at the Library Headquarters

Heads up for my local readers! I will be holding a 2-hour Manga Sketching introductory class for CCPL Anime Club members at the Collier County Headquarters on April 25th between 2-4 pm. Check the CCPL Anime Club homepage to sign up and for meeting details.
With a Sketching mindset, the goal of the above doodle was to explore random ideas that pop to mind using symbols learned and developed through regular practice and exposure to Manga and Anime. It was drawn straight with a Sakura Pigma Sensei 0.6 mm pigment pen. Started with the guy on the foreground and gradually added the bird, droid, girls, 2-headed dragon, cat, floor, and ended with the rear wall detailing. I suppose it could make a fair coloring page, but it is basically a hastily drawn concept that could serve as a preliminary study for a finished drawing. If I would like to refine the sketch further, I would probably start with loose pencil construction lines to improve the composition. Seeking some reference material to be more precise and anatomically correct would lend more believability to the image. Using different pen nibs sizes to render elements in the foreground, middle ground, and background would better convey the spacial relationships among the picture components. Thicker lines could be used in rendering foreground objects, and thinner lines could be used on background objects as they recede in the distance. For this first workshop, we will concentrate on creating your own Manga sketching symbols and hopefully motivate you to develop your own personal Manga style.

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