Sunday, October 7, 2007

Busy little artist

If we look carefully around us, we can learn from even the youngest among us. In this case, my niece Nicole demonstrated great focus and dedication to her art by producing many pictures and postards to share with appreciative relatives.

Set of postcards featuring robots, a butterfly and a puppy to brighten someone's day!

I doodled this quick bee in crayon for her to copy when she asked for other ideas to draw
and she surprised me by turning it into a mixed media piece (using crayon, markers, and my prized Kuretake brush pen) and improving the design with a smile and extra pair of wings. Truthfully, I didn't think that my special tools bucket was within her reach when I left her drawing at my drafting table. I have to admit that she achieved denser black bands with the brush pen, and got to give her credit for her light touch and control of the delicate nylon brush tip. Though I suspect her younger sibling might have been rougher handling the same pen. Close supervision is especially important when allowing children to experiment and use artist grade tools (which tend to be fairly expensive and sometimes toxic). To be safer, select child grade art supplies like Crayola and Faber-Castell "Red Line" crayons and markers for daily practice.
Hrmmm, I suppose I should continue to lose weight since Nicole later crafted such a gigantic paper doll depicting me.

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