Friday, February 29, 2008

Ikea Gestalta for kids

Already quite proficient in coloring, we tried a drawing assignment using a Supergirl action figure as a model. Despite the good effort below, it was evident that a simpler model might facilitate better understanding of the figure structure and construction.
Enter the Ikea Gestalta artist's figure. I knew we had a winner when Nicole couldn't stop playing and posing these little guys at the store. Given her level of interest, it would have been a shame to deny her this useful sketching tool.
The following sequence shows her progress in drawing the Gestalta model in a single session. After seeing her first two attempts, I drew the middle sketch explaining along as I progressively tackled each body part and joint. Her last two drawings show a better understanding of the figure structure and proportions. Alternatively, super articulated action figures can serve as suitable models for budding artists (I used to carry a Spiderman figure in my sketching kit just for that purpose).

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