Monday, September 22, 2008

Lamy Scribble is a perfect fit for kids' hands

One of the main themes of this blog is that a fun and effective way to encourage kids to embrace their own artistic paths and growth is to share artist grade tools with them, so they can try them under supervised conditions. In this case, I lent my large Moleskine sketchbook and a sturdy 3.15 mm Lamy Scribble (loaded with a Caran D'Ache 3.0 mm HB lead) to my niece for some doodling before bedtime.
Her first drawing was that of her trusty symbol for "robot".
As she grew comfortable with this sketching set up, she started to look around the room for subjects to draw: a stuffed pumpkin (to which she added her whimsical symbols for "butterfly", "duck", and "mouse").
And a fairly literal representation of the night table with a lamp.
The Scribble compact size, well-balanced body, and ergonomic grip make it a perfectly suitable tool for little hands. The 3.15 mm lead size resists breakage and can yield interesting strokes of varying line weight. Lamy lead refills seem to be available only in 4B that can smear rather easily on some papers. Yet the Scribble can also hold the Caran D'Ache Tehnograph 3.0 mm lead refills that come in HB, 3B, and 6B and are twice as long as the Lamy refills. The HB leads tend to yield cleaner marks that resist smudging. Though a tad pricey, the Scribble would make a fine present on a special occasion for the young drawing enthusiast in the family.

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