Monday, April 27, 2009

A couple of pigment ink doodles

Doodling some random faces with the Staedtler Mars Professional 0.35 mm pen for practice.
A fantasy knights coloring page.
Inspired by the Shonen-Manga (manga for boys) Naruto doodled this couple of jonin (senior level ninja) that might fit within that universe.
Developing a character sheet and tools for a ninja of my own with the same 0.35 mm pigmented pen. Quick observation about the disposable cartridge of this technical pen: if you stop drawing for a period of time without capping the pen, the nib tends to dry up a tad and requires bit of coaxing to resume normal ink flow. Thus either draw non-stop or cap pen immediately for best results with the replaceable cartridges of the Staedtler Mars Professional pens.

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