Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random sketching during a 2 hours flight

Take advantage of every opportunity to practice your drawing skills by always having a portable sketching kit and adequate supply of paper when you travel. These are some of the doodles I managed to crank out during the 2-hour flight between Raleigh and Miami.
Struggling a tad finding the right angle to sketch within the tight confines of the airplane cabin. A letter size clipboard is quite useful for holding the 8.5"X11" card stock sheets, providing adequate support, and helping to find the optimal drawing position when use of the stowaway tables is not practical or allowed.
Sketching tools have to be carefully chosen for a mess-free successful productive session when traveling by air: most gel pens and some felt-tip pigmented pens work well within the pressurized cabin environment, but some liquid ink pens like the Koh-I-Noor Nexus pens tend to leak when the cabin pressure changes. For practical reasons, I tend to go with mechanical pencils or 2 mm leadholders for my graphite sketching tools. Sharpening traditional wooden pencils in tight spaces without a convenient waste basket is too much of a hassle.

Few random fantasy characters drawn with a mechanical pencil.
A couple of monster designs inspired by the Meifumado demons from the seinen manga "Lone Wolf & Cub" (Samurai-style Manga made for adult male readers).
Pen sketch loosely inspired by Greek myths. Always seem to drift towards Ray Harryhausen's visual effects style in "Clash o the Titans" when tackling this type of subjects.
Egyptian designs are quite popular sources of inspiration for fantasy sketches.
Mochica inspired scene sketched with a gel pen.
This dragon sketch was drawn last as the plane approached the Miami airport.

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