Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Example of an intermediate Manga color drawing kit

All of the drawing and color pens shown glide smoothly and show nicely on both the Canson Fanboy Manga 150 lb drawing paper and the Aquabee Bee Paper Pen Sketcher's 70 lb paper. The Pentel Color Pen fine point markers feature sturdy plastic tips that make them suitable for creating detailed colored line drawings as well as roughly coloring black and white drawings.
The Faber Castell Pitt Artist pens lay down nice flat areas of color with the side of the brush nibs, and the greys (Cool Grey III & Warm Grey III) come in handy to gently modify the appearance of the Light Flesh #132 chosen as the basic skin color. Since the Pitt pens are waterproof once dried, they can be safely colored with the Pentel markers without smudging.
Always a good idea to create a reference chart of the marks that can be drawn with your chosen tools on the paper support on which you actually intend to use them. It is a fun process that also familiarizes you with the handling and feel of your pens on your working surface. In general it is better to pick smoother papers to reduce undue wear on your pens' plastic and felt nibs.

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