Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pencil doodles drawn at the library

As we approach the summer break, remember that there are many places in Naples like the Pier and the beaches that provide ample supply of drawing subjects to improve your illustration skills. Keep your sketching kit compact (small sketchbook, mechanical pencil, and maybe an eraser) for maximum efficiency and mobility. I would recommend carrying it in a waterproof container to protect your sketching tools from the elements (a Ziploc bag can work in a pinch to keep your kit dry, clean, and free of sand). For coloring options, a compact watercolor box and a waterbrush are a good choice for sketching on-the-go.
Warm up doodle page practicing figure structure and different designs for pairs of eyes.
A few doodles drawn at the library with a selection of 2 mm leadholders loaded with H, HB, and B graphite leads.

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