Thursday, June 4, 2009

Staedtler Lumograph Class Pack: Gearing up for Manga Cartooning classes for the summer

Just received the art supplies for the summer manga cartooning classes. Thus seemed like a good time to do some quick tests with the sketch kits contained in the Staedtler Lumograph Class Pack. The class pack yellow canister sharpener is large enough to hold a fair amount of shavings and works ok, but I find its cutting performance to be not as smooth as that of the KUM wedge sharpeners. Even when held vertically, the yellow sharpener tends to crack and snap off the sides of the wood tip.
Comparison chart of the different graphite pencils drawn on Blick White Sulphite 80 lb Drawing Paper. The HB, B, and 2B pencils lay down swatches that retain their linear quality while the 4B, 6B, and 8B pencils easily produce uniform dark tone areas. The harder pencils work well for the initial blocking and sketching of a drawing structure, and the softer pencils help define the forms and darker shadow areas in the final stages of the drawing process.

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