Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tons of sketching practice for under a buck - keep on drawing grasshoppers!

With a handful of 4" X 6" index cards and any pen or pencil, you can make the most of any idle time and get tons of doodling and sketching practice. These sample sketch cards were done at a Books-a-Million bookstore and a Target food court. Occasionally you can draw inspiration from people passing by, and make observation sketches and quick notes of the subtle differences among the many facial and body types in existence. The beauty of this particular format is that you can crank out many practice doodles in a short time uninhibited by the inexpensive nature of the support, for the packs of 100 blank index cards tend to retail for under a dollar at most places and each card doodle can be completed in a few minutes. Remember the big secret to drawing better: "the more you practice, the faster your drawing skills will improve".

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