Thursday, September 10, 2009

Good time to shop for bargains on School Art Supplies

Now that the school year is well on its way, most big box retailers have begun discounting the remaining stock in their Back-to-School supplies sections as the stores are rearranged for the next seasonal shopping event. Many quality supplies can be had with various discounts ranging from 30-90% off. Most of the stuff shown above was a buck or less each.
Found this neat Brazilian 24 colored pencils with sharpener set just for 50 cents + tax in the East coast. According to the manufacturer's website, these pencils are manufactured with reforested wood from their own managed plantations keeping in mind the protection of the local flora and fauna.
Can't help finding it a bit odd to discover a Faber Castell pencil set at an American big box retailer with all the descriptive text printed just in Spanish and Portuguese.
24 nicely colored coded long pencils with gold lettering plus a sharpener for under a buck was a pretty good deal if I ever saw one.
These pencil sets would make pretty good stocking stuffers, birthday party favors, or Halloween giveaways for those with storage room to spare.
The color chart shows that this school pencil set can produce some fairly bright color swatches. I wouldn't bet on their longevity and lightfastness, but they feel quite smooth on the paper and would provide adequate performance for a spot of coloring fun for any kid artist.

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