Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mini Card Making Workshop

For a creative warm-up, the girls started some coloring pages using my trusty set of Faber Castell Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils.
Coloring with Faber Castell Pitt Artist pens.
Painting with watercolors for a bit. Forgot to bring my waterbrushes, so we were limited to using conventional watercolor brushes from my back-up supplies. The girls had a harder time regulating the amount of water to use, and keeping things neat was far more challenging. The pot full of rinsing water ended up on the floor, some yellow ochre rinse water splashed on the fabric cover of a kitchen chair, and the actual paintings were loaded with excess water taking longer to dry. Tip for parents and teachers: to encourage frequent practice and development of watercolor painting skills in young children, the waterbrushes really help prevent the splashing of colored water in unwanted areas and reduce clean up time.
Watercolor by Nicole. Time to switch to the card-making activity.
Sample illustrations from greeting card workshops for kids with a bit of Manga style.
Sample line art for holiday greeting cards featuring a Daruma doll in Santa garb and a Maneki Neko wearing a X-mas hat.
Making their own stickers with a Xyron 1.5" create-a-sticker gadget.
Using some Pentel Outline markers to write some decorative holiday greeting messages.
Bit of collage by adding some custom made stickers to decorate the card's interior.
Carefully cutting around the right half of the drawn image. Naturally close supervision and a steady hand are required at this delicate stage.
Ta-da! cut-out snowman card.
A handful of cards ready for coloring and decorating after working in the kitchen for about an hour. Time for a break and change of activity:

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