Sunday, October 18, 2009

Brainstorming the last greeting card template for Class

Just having some fun doodling an elf in color without drawing a coloring outline first on blank Rhodia paper.
Trying out a few Copic Sketch marker combinations to render skin tones with some variety. Got to come up with a final design to complete a set of 6 coloring card templates to use for class.
Elf taking a coffee break with couple of buddies.

The Baker Elf concept cards. I fear they might be a tad too busy to color in the time allowed. Guess this is what happens when working often with the Food Network playing in the background.
Toy Workshop Elf card template. Left lost of blank space, so students could add their own background details like the rest of the workshop, a holiday tree, or a snow-covered field. Yet it seems rather busy for such a small format (1/4 of a letter size sheet). Not really happy with any of them, so I guess I will sleep on it.

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