Thursday, October 22, 2009

Printable Colored Greeting Card Samples

Class supplies just arrived! Quite ready for some some serious decorating of the colored holiday cards with glitter glue pens and silver markers.

Applying some sparkling details to a few more card samples. Feel free to print any of the colored templates below, customize to your liking, and use them for greeting cards these coming holidays

Just print on letter size card stock or premium printing paper. Fold in halves twice leaving colored illustration on the front of the card.Add some highlights and sparkling details with glitter and/or metallic markers like the Pentel Outline markers (optional). Selectively trim part of the right side of the characters' outlines with sharp detailing scissors like the EK Cutter Bee® Scissors (optional).Get or make matching envelopes. Spread some cheer these holidays through conventional mail.

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