Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Using Pentel Outline Markers for decorating colored Greeting Cards

A few card templates printed on white card stock were colored with Copic Sketch markers and Faber Castell Pitt Artist brush pens.
For finishing decorative touches, the Pentel Outline Markers are particularly useful. They were cleaner and quicker to use than glitter shakers and glue sticks to effortlessly add some "sparkle" in a tightly controlled fashion to the marker-colored greeting cards samples. The main precaution would be to use them in well-ventilated areas since they have a fairly strong solvent smell. The reflective effect was quite visible under artificial lighting and effectively enhanced the cards with the silver "snowflake and star designs"
Finished batch of colored samples with some silver highlights as seen the following morning. The silver effect looked a bit duller under natural light, but it turned out to be just a matter of finding the right viewing angle.


Gentian said...

Nice cards and review. The Pentel seem good if you are marking on a variety of surfaces as well. I tried them at Dick Blick before, but I'm not a fan of markers with a strong xylene smell. :P

Have you tried Sakura Gelly Roll Lightning? I think they changed the name to "Shadow", and in Japan it is called "Luxue". But it has a similar effect and does not have the terrible smell! Good for work on paper and safe for children.I think they are very pretty. They usually sell them at Michaels. Another one that is really nice are the Gelly Roll Stardust. They look really sparkly!( I've use them in place of using glitter) I've had some for years and they still work like new. I also really like the Uni Posca Glitter Pens, but Jet Pens stopped carrying them. Anyway that is my two cents about craft pens.

Gentian said...

I realized Jet Pens still has the Uni Posca Glitter Pens! They just moved them to a new place. :P Yay!

I remembered you reviewed a Tiara pen a while ago, which is the same as the Stardust.

B2-kun said...

Thanks for your input. Xylene! that was the name I couldn't remember to describe the Ouline pen solvent smell. The Sakura metallic gel pens could certainly be a less annoying option, buy they lacked the sparkle and presence of the Outline double-colored stroke. In the end we decided to go with the Outline markers, so we'll just have to be careful to keep the room well-ventilated.