Friday, November 13, 2009

Photo Journal of Ongoing Holiday Card making classes for After School UAC Miracle Plus special program (...cont.)

Another happy group of students by the end of the Holiday Cards Making class. Some of them managed to do 2 and 3 cards each during the class.
While I normally prefer to remain behind the camera, I'm making a rare appearance on this photo thanks to a gracious school host.
Batch of finished cards.
This group came up with the original idea of "silver snowmen" cards. I think they look quite sharp though I wonder how long will the metallic markers will last at this rate.
Another enthusiastic group of 3rd grade students starting their holiday cards special project.

Groups of happy budding artists with their finished holiday cards.
Students coloring their second batch of card templates.
Another batch of finished cards ready for the Miracle Plus Holiday House sale.
Many students seemed to enjoy adding some decorative touches with glitter and their silver Pentel Outline markers.

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