Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cartooning Classes - Photo Journal 1

This student creatively used the dragon coloring template as reference to create this colorful picture of "Dragon Riders".
Fourth graders displaying their drawing/coloring sheets competed during class.

Fifth graders posing with their projects completed on their third cartooning session.

The dragon template was given as a take-home assignment the previous week.
From time to time, I pick a student photo at random and sketch cartoon portrait like the example above. It was drawn with Prismacolor Illustration markers and colored with the double ended markers.
6th graders class working on assorted sketching and coloring sheets depending on their interest.
The small size of the coloring artist trading cards (ATC), allow for their completion within the class period.
The coloring pages featuring 9 ATC designs each contained a mixture of character types and creatures often found in Shonen and Shojo stories. Thus providing the students with an assortment of characters, robots, and fantasy beasts that could be used for reference to create their own stories in future sessions.

Coloring their trading card templates with the Crayola Super Tip markers is a good way of fine tuning eye-hand coordination.

Students were encouraged to add their own drawing elements and color their ninja or mermaid sketching templates as an in-class exercise.

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