Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How to use a Leadholder for Beginners and doodling videos

Leadholder 101 (2 min video): ok Daniela while you already probably figured out how to use your first leadholder, I often forget that many students have never tried one before since they are no longer a requirement for drafting classes in this Age of Computer Assisted Design. Thus these short videos show how to load a Staedtler 780 Mars Technico 2 mm leadholder with my favorite Uni graphite lead, how to use a rotary lead pointer, the existence of an emergency touch-up lead pointer built-in the push button, and a couple of doodling examples. Notice that for daily use, I prefer to cover the knurled metal grip with a plastic pencil grip for comfort and that I have removed the metal pocket clip to avoid scratching other tools in my sketching kit.
Speed sketching demo 1 is just a quick 2 minutes demo of a warm up doodle page. It is an exercise I often have my students perform at the beginning of a class in order to loosen up and get a feel for the sketching tool chosen for the day.
Speed sketching demo 2 consists of another 2 minutes of me doodling and mumbling at the same time. I promise I'll try to enunciate better on future videos once my braces come off. For now that is my excuse, and I'm sticking to it. Thank you very much Sunny for the helpful feedback.

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