Monday, January 18, 2010

Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Art Markers mini review

Finally got around using my Michael's gift card (Thanks Toni & Tori!) remaining from my X-mas loot.
Latest additions to my sketching tools collection. I can never have enough Sakura Pigma Sensei sets, for I can use up my favorite 0.6 mm pen within 4 hours of continuous use when speed sketching at public events.
Also picked up several lighter hues of Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Art Markers to complement my travel sets of gray markers. My original Prismacolor marker set was rather heavy on darker hues and lacking light base colors. Lately I have been relying more on my Copic Sketch markers, but given their higher retail value I prefer to limit their use to controlled environments like a studio. The recent release of the Prismacolor Manga set of 12 double ended marker caught my attention, so I selected several of the colors included in this set from the open stock rack to use in my regular field sketching kit.This shot shows the differences between the new markers and my older markers. The barrel graphics have been updated, so it is a bit easier to tell the nibs apart at a single glance (the broad base of the black triangular Prismacolor logo corresponds to the broad nib size, and the opposite vertex clearly points towards the fine nib). The current fine nib itself has been redesigned to be wider and without the metal sleeve of of the previous marker version. The latter had an annoying tendency to dry out in no time, so I hope the new fine nibs will have a longer useful life.
Using both nibs to draw a reference color chart for the new markers and the set of French Greys.
Coloring test doodle.
The Prismacolor double ended markers are fun sketching and coloring tools. They lay down color smoothly and can cover broad areas quickly with their versatile broad nibs that can readily produce 3 different line thicknesses by simply turning the marker. While their color coding and barrel markings might not be as permanent and durable as the ones on the Copic Sketch markers, they are still fairly functional for their expected useful life. Ultimately they are fairly nice disposable markers since they can not be refilled, and their nibs are not replaceable.


Gentian said...

I love those, especially the grey ones, and lighter colours. I need to get some new ones soon.

Tom in Vegas said...


I just bought the 48ct. Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Marker Set at Dick Blicks. I decided to get them because of a sale they were having and thought it was too good an offer to pass up. I hope I didn't make a mistake. Anyhoo, I'll compare these to my Copics and get a feel for the difference. Take care:0)

B2-kun said...

Enjoy your new markers. Hopefully you got the set with the carrying cases for greater portability. Just keep in mind that they are not Copics. While I prefer the latter, I found that they can complement each other well. Given their price difference, I have no qualms about carrying my Prisma sets with me anywhere while keeping the Copics safe back in the studio.