Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Doodling with Pilot Color Eno Violet 0.7 mm mechanical pencil lead

Click on the picture above for a 2 minute video of a doodling and erasability test of the Pilot Color Eno Violet 0.7 mm mechanical pencil lead. The lead is quite smooth, but tends to crack and snap off under heavier pressure. It kept breaking when I tried it in a mechanical pencil with a conical tip designed for writing, so I loaded this delicate lead in a mechanical pencil with a 4 mm drafting sleeve to reduce accidental breakage.
It had been a while since I played with this purple lead, so I used it along with my 2 mm leadholders to pencil some personalized comic page templates for class. After adding some images digitally to the comic page templates, assorted fantasy elements and backgrounds were drawn around the posterized elements.
These penciled images will be used for an inking exercise, so I am not unduly concerned with the possibility that the Pilot Color Eno violet marks might fade after prolonged exposure to light. I found it to be quite enjoyable for doodling and a nice change from my usual H or HB drawing graphite. Since it is softer, it does wear down faster than them. This brief change to color lead is a simple way to foster creativity when stuck in a rut.For most of the afternoon, I alternated between doodling with Mitsubishi Uni HB 2 mm lead and my Sakura 127 0.7 mm mechanical pencil loaded with the violet lead.

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