Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Faber Castell Watercolor Crayons Set of 15 Review

The Faber Castell Red Line consists of several art supply products designed for children which oddly do not seem to have widespread distribution at retail in the USA despite their bright saturated colors and fun performance. From the Faber Castell Malaysia website: "Red Line" from Faber-Castell. A continuously growing painting and creative expression programme for children from 3 to 12. While I have spotted them in the stationery aisles of grocery stores across the globe in Beijing and Lima, I was saddened when they were removed from Target stores and the Miami Pearl store no longer seems to carry the line. Thus I was quite pleased to discover this set of 15 Faber Castell Watercolor Crayons in the Children Art Supplies section of a local Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft store. In fact they had quite a fairly wide selection of Red Line offerings and Creativity for Kids products. This set contains 15 paper wrap crayons along with a large round brush. The paper wrapping is scored at regular intervals to facilitate its neat removal as the crayon gets shorter with use (a feature that I had only noticed before in the Caran D'Ache Neocolor crayons)
The back of the packaging box displays the color palette range and highlights the main features of these kids' crayons manufactured in Korea: triangular shape for better control, crayon made of watercolor paint, washable, more pigment for richer colors, and no waxy build-up. As part of the Faber Castell Red Line, they are naturally non-toxic and suitable for children ages 3+. While I quickly stained my fingers making the reference chart below, the color stains washed right off with water and soap in no time.
This reference color chart shows the saturated opaque color swatches that can be laid down with the dry crayons. The crayons are on the soft side, so my regular drawing hand pressure ended up breaking the tip of the blue crayon.
Reference color chart after partially dissolving the color swatches with a flat waterbrush.
To reduce the chance of breakage and limit the color transfer to my fingers, I was quite pleased to discover that these triangular crayons fit in my Intus 10 pastel holder which help keep the crayons from melting in my hand. With the consistency of oil pastels, these creamy crayons glide effortlessly on the paper and allow for fairly quick coverage.
Finished colored illustration after blending and smoothing the dry layers of crayon marks with a small round brush. The free brush included in the set is a tad large and tends to deliver too much water at once when working on smaller details, but it is pretty useful for covering larger areas quickly. This set of Faber Castell watercolor crayons bundled with a nice waterbrush would make for a pretty fun and original gift for the young budding artist in your list. Recommended.


Anonymous said...

Where can I but pilot color eno? Or any color lead? I've been looking for some but no luck.

sara said...

so then, not appropriate for an adult in the very early stages of learning to use watercolors? These are the only crayon (or stick type) I could find...

thanks :)

B2-kun said...

While this Faber Castell watercolor crayons could be fun for beginners of all ages, I would suggest searching online for a set of comparable size of the Caran D'Ache Neocolor II watersoluble crayons instead. I suspect adults will get more use out of the stronger and richly pigmented Neocolor II crayons in the long run for a similar initial investment

Anonymous said...

And also check NeoArt when you want know used pigments and want better lightfastness. and maybe more transparent hues. btw these kid crayons looks nice when we talk kids products. i dont understand why is hard get f-c stuff here where i live. reason is manufacturer i heared but why? (i dont wait ansver)