Monday, May 3, 2010

Testing and selecting a Sketchbook for upcoming cartooning classes

Couple of sample sheets colored with Prismacolor markers to use as cartooning examples during ARTScool presentations.
Getting the class supplies ready for the ARTScool summer classes.
Already got most of the sketchbooks that we'll need for use in class after conducting the different doodle tests shown below.
Creapen brush pen tests.
Pigment pen doodle tests.
Pencil tests.

Several test pencil doodles were drawn on the sketch pad to make sure that wooden pencils and leadholders worked adequately on this support.
We'll have a few pre-printed pages with different panel layouts to speed up the lay down of different comicbook pages.

The 50 lb sketch paper is thin enough so that panel templates and reference images can still be seen clearly through each sheet. Thus I plan to have a few sketching worksheets for tracing exercises on these class sketchbooks.
This Canson Field Sketchbook features the same 50 lb (74 gsm) paper spiral bound with hard covers. The sturdier format makes it the more practical choice for use on-the-go and sketching on location. The lightweight Canson sketch paper readily accepted graphite pencils and pigmented drawing pens.

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