Friday, June 25, 2010

ARTSCool Manga Cartooning Class PhotoJournal - Day 5

The week really flew by, and today we had our last session for the first Manga Cartooning class of ARTScool 2010. Good thing we conducted the class feedback survey yesterday, for 3 students were not able to attend today's lesson. Students' ages ranged from 7 to 10 years old, and their comments were quite positive:
"I liked that we had a good teacher, and [he] taught me many things"
"I loved it! It was so awesome! I can't think of anything else to make it better"
"I like the teacher, he's nice and funny"
"I like the origami, and the drawing. Maybe charcoal for shading"
"Drawing, playing, and art"
It was nice to confirm that all the students enjoyed the class and most reported picking up some sketching tips to continue on their own artistic paths. From their comments, decided to provide a variety of art materials options for creating their exhibition pieces: big paper sheets, charcoal and graphite sticks, oil pastels, soft pastels, watercolor pencils, watercolor crayons, wax crayons, and markers.
Demo drawn with Crayola twistable crayons.
Sample of a Kirigami pop-up fantasy temple background made with a 11" X 14" smooth bristol sheet and decorated with a Sakura Pigma Sensei 06 pen.
Sample demo drawings drawn with Derwent charcoal and graphite sticks.
Sample demo drawing of a bumble bee drawn with Faber Castell soft pastels.
Sky Rider dragon drawn with wax crayons and painted with watersoluble aquarelle sticks washes.
"Green Man" Yoda piece drawn with Faber Castell aquarelle sticks.
Dragon drawn with soft pastels.
Work in progress of student's cartoon character. Since the origami gliders and pop-up card activities were pretty well-received, I have decided to also include them on the session coming up in July in addition to the classic core dragon drawings, ninja cartoons, and Kaiju monsters-robot design activities. Of course depending on the particular interests of the students, we might also spend a good deal of time drawing unicorns, mermaids, and butterfly fairies that many girls tend to favor.Take away tips from this class:
1. Continue to work on your sketchbooks and try different sketching tools.
2. Keep drawing and practicing every day even if it's only for five minutes.
3. Working on 2 ½ X 3 ½ inches sketch trading cards is a good choice when short on time.
4. Keep designing your own pop-up cards for special occasions.
5. Draw from observing the world around you and from your imagination.
6. It is ok to trace to practice some mark making and learn new shapes,but don't rely on this too much.

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Fabiana said...

Hey, Alberto! It seems this class was fabulous! =D I bet you are very loved by your students, for what I see in your posts and pictures. Happy times and lots of fun!