Friday, June 11, 2010

Thank You notes from First Grade class

Thank you Mrs. Jordan, for I just received the neat set of thank you notes drawn by your 1st grade students. It is great to see that the students picked up on so many details and drawing tips during their ARTScool presentation class.
Upon closer inspection, I realized that several students had also learned how to write my last name in Chinese. Going to have to learn a few more Kanji for future demos.
Looks like several students grasped the trick of drawing a dragon by starting with a reverse "2" understructure. One even took it a step further by rendering a hydra dragon sporting the expected multiple heads.This Darth Vader note is one of my favorites. I really like the Tie-Fighters in the background and the attention to detail on the helmet, blaster, and lightsaber. Nicely done, you have very talented and well-behaved students. It was a pleasure doing the drawing demonstrations for them. Enjoy your summer break!

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