Thursday, July 1, 2010

Star Wars Clone Wars Character Encyclopedia Video Review

Found the DK Star Wars Clone Wars Character Encyclopedia at Borders yesterday, and did this short video review for it.
This hard bound encyclopedia is a really good deal for a visual reference resource considering that it covers over 200 hundred Clone Wars characters for the price of three action figures.
When inevitably Hasbro releases a Mandalorian Royal Guard action figure, I really hope they manage to convey its unique look and design.
Good reference book for Clone Troopers, Droids, Creatures, and main characters of the ongoing Clone Wars Animated series. Each page clearly displays a full body illustration from head-to-toe of each character along with some facts and tidbits from the roles they played in the series.


Anonymous said...

Can I ask you something? Where do I buy Pilot color eno pencils from? I can't find any at all.


B2-kun said...

Try Jet they have a few Pilot eno featured under their mechanical pencils colored leads category.

Anonymous said...

B2-Kun what action figure is that in the 3rd picture above?


B2-kun said...

I believe that would be the Clone Wars Captain Rex in Snow Gear