Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Few T-Shirt Designs

I relied again on my favorite Sakura Pigma Sensei drawing set to create these t-shirt designs. Drawing the heavier outlines with the 1.0 mm pen on the letter size card stock sheets drained the pen quite a bit and roughed up its felt tip nib. The 0.6 mm nib was practically destroyed when trying to fill broad black strokes with it. I probably should have limited the Pigma Sensei pens for the more delicate line work, and used a regular Sharpie marker to fill in the larger black areas.
The plan is to use these designs with the Yudu screen printing machine as a product demo and to promote my upcoming Cartoon Sketching Manga-Style trend classes at the Jo-Ann store.
Seeing some influence from the Graffiti drawing book I borrowed from the library already in the treatment of the heavily stylized dark outlines surrounding the figures.
Will keep you posted on how they turn out.In the meantime, already decided to also use these designs for this promo poster for the Open House that will serve as my stand-in since I will not be able to attend it this Saturday.

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