Sunday, August 1, 2010

Klutz Origami Books Review

Folding entire fleets of paper airplanes was a favorite childhood past time of mine, so I was a tad surprised to discover that so many children in my drawing classes did not know how to make a single paper airplane. Thus I started introducing a few origami toy models in recent classes.To expand my repertoire I picked up the Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes that provides clear step-by-step instructions on how to fold 10 flying models that perform quite well when thrown properly.
While the book included a pack of 40 sheets with 2o custom fun designs, I decided to do my early attempts with 24lb brightly colored Xerox paper. This heavier paper stock is quite cost-effective and yields sturdier finished airplanes (though you might want to use a bone folder to ensure neat crisp folds) that are easier to spot wherever they might land.
Already tried making every model from the book using regular size paper and quarter-sheets. They flew or glided quite well when made out of a letter size sheet. The mini gliders were fairly functional, but the mini darts did not work as well.
The first model of the book is probably one of the easiest to fold, and it works well both using a full 8.5" X 11" sheet and quarter-size sheets. After a quick demonstration, Nicole had no problem folding her first mini squadron.
Got a few quarter-sheet size Nakamura Lock paper airplanes ready for my next open house event.
This other Klutz Origami book kit would make a nice introductory gift for a kid interested in the art of paper folding. It covers 10 fairly simple origami designs (with the Jumping Frog and the Magic Star models been the most fun paper toys from the bunch) with clearly illustrated easy-by-follow instructions, and it also includes a pack of 80 square sheets of custom-designed Origami paper to get you started.These miniature versions were folded using 2" origami square sheets. Don't forget to check your local library and local bookstore bargain books section for more origami books and folding paper supplies.

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