Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Enhancing the functionality of the Case it D-145 Large Capacity Zipper Binder as my main Art Course Sketching Kit for the School Year

Well (sigh) already retraced my steps checking where I might have forgotten it, and it does indeed appear somehow I managed to lose an entire roller crate loaded with art supplies, pop-up card templates, and cartooning assignment sheets. So time to streamline the amount of sketching gear and reference materials I take to class and events. For the past year, I have kept the bulk of my course notes and master copies of handout sheets in this Case it D-145 Large Capacity Zipper Binder. Thus it dawned on me, that with bit of tweaking it could become my customizable sketching kit for short classes and small birthday parties. Figured better to limit the cart use until I can keep better track of it.
Coincidentally found these suitable matching accessories at a Target store Back-to-School clearance section. These Case it Add+Ons would be a good way for students to add a couple of basic sketching tools to their regular school binders: a nice board suitable for taking notes and sketching on site, and a customized art supplies/sketching kit in its own case to take advantage of any free time to get a practice doodle or observation sketch done.
The Clip CLP-60 Add+On accessory is just a tad shorter than regular letter size clipboards, so it fits neatly within the main ring binder case. Now I can carry everything I need to teach a class in a single loaded binder case.
The back of the clipboard features a large nylon pocket that should come handy for holding handout sheets and stray sheets of paper.
The Case Add+On PEN-06 empty. It should help me customize the tools selection for a given lesson while keeping them separate from my main sketching kit. Best not to place too many tools in a single case. Should it get misplaced or lost, it would hurt far less if their contents are easier to replace.
The front of the case features two compartments: the smaller one is secured with a zipper and the larger one closes with velcro. The velcro strap features a pocket probably meant for a flash drive, but I am inclined to used it for holding one of my short stubby leadholders.
Loaded and closed rear view.
The mesh pockets on the back are large and elastic enough to comfortably hold a wide range of tools.
This pen case really can hold a lot of supplies in its front and back pockets. Of course when it is so over-stuffed, one would have to carry it separately from its base case.
Also got another transforming pencil case to hold the spare pens and markers that have been rolling freely on my drawing table lately. While I almost never rely on them, it also features a couple of elastic loops so it could also be secured within a ring binder.
Really like these Five Star Stand'N Store pencil cases for their large holding capacity and versatility. Now I have four of them with tool selections customized for different lessons. These additions to my tools collection should help keep the work flow more smoothly and hopefully reduce the chance of my losing another cart full of art supplies in venues when loss prevention can not be easily achieved.

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