Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Painting Ceramic Bowls in the After School Program

Since we had planned a paint your-own -ceramic-bowl for the after school program at the Middle School, I tested a boxed kit to check the supplies' performance and produce a sample finished bowl.
After applying a beige paint coat all over the bowl to prime the surface, I sponged some blue and rust acrylic paint for background colors. The dragon pattern was painted with a round synthetic brush and soft body Liquitex Mars Black acrylic artist color.
Painted this sample dish to show the students a possible outcome for their projects.
We managed to scrounged a few bottles of acrylic paint from different donation sources and remnants from previous year.
The first step for the students was to apply a "base coat" of acrylic paint that should facilitate adherence of subsequent paint applications.
The sponges allowed for faster coverage than the brushes.
Dabbing the paint with the sponges resulted in a more uniform thicker paint layer that should resist cracking.
Early color pattern approach: colorful dots over beige background. We''ll probably continue this project through the end of December, so that students may gradually develop and adjust their design and decorative patterns in their bowls.

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