Saturday, April 2, 2011

Live Caricatures drawn at the Boys & Girls Club Crawfish Boil Fundraiser

Just got back from the Boys & Girls Club Crawfish Boil Fundraiser. Spent the last few hours drawing live caricatures: some fairly straight cartoon portraits, a couple of athletes posing, and some chose to be depicted wearing fantasy costumes.
Was really pleased that I was stationed within the gym. The shade and air conditioning really help keeping guests comfortable while they are having their cartoon portraits drawn.
There was plenty of room behind me, so other guests could easily watch the caricature drawing process while they waited or decided how they wanted to be drawn themselves.
The view from my drawing table. I wished I had been able to check out the tattoo table across the gym, but I remained quite busy throughout the afternoon. Been meaning to look into temporary paint or markers that could be used to create temporary tattoos at future events.
The first model of the day requested a basketball theme portrait. After a quick I-phone search we verified the proper look of a basketball. Going to have to research and practice more how to draw the cartoon version of popular sports equipment and uniforms for a smoother work flow.
Ninja and Fantasy Warrior portraits were quite popular with the boys.
Several guests today went for the straight cartoon portrait version of themselves.
Going more for a samurai girl look, I equipped this model with a classic naginata.
This model just reminded me of Tony Stark, so I had to dress him up in an Iron Man suit.
Pretty happy with how the first couple drawing of the day turned out. It can be pretty challenging to fit two people in the letter size card stock.

This request was peculiar in that the model requested to have his face hidden partially behind a ninja mask. Warned him that his mom might not like that particular choice, but he seemed quite happy with his new wall decoration.
Just realized that I did not get around to photographing any of the mermaid portraits drawn today, but at least got to record this princess and angel portraits.
The event was a blast, and both kids and adults seemed quite happy with their souvenir cartoon portraits.

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