Sunday, July 31, 2011

Drawing Lions at Highlands Elementary Summer Art camp

My deepest thanks to the staff at Highlands Elementary Summer Art camp for your hospitality and support. Teaching in eight different classrooms each day would not have been as effective without your aid, and special thanks to those of you that doubled as photographers on my last day in Immokalee. Fellow instructors please remember as part of my continuous support for the creative endeavors of the students in the area you are welcome to download and print the coloring templates and activity sheets (included on the links list on the right) for future art classes. It was a pleasure working wiht all of you.
We had groups of kinder through 2nd grade work on tracing or drawing lions, giraffes, and other African animals as part of the day camp art activities.
A few carefully selected reference sheets on animal drawing, several packs of Crayola super tip markers, and generous supply of paper = groups of happy kids drawing their favorite animals.

Kids demonstrated their creativity by drawing their own backgrounds for their African animals.
Guess lots of the kids had seen the animated movie "Madagascar", for many included an airplane in the skies above their African savanna landscapes.
Being my last day at the summer art camp, we made sure that all my students got at least one souvenir cartoon portrait after our three sessions together.
You can see the influence of the animal drawing lessons in their customization requests. Many students asked to be drawn riding or holding some kind of animal.
Thanks again to the caring staff at Highlands Elementary for your support and the great work you did with the children every day of this summer program.

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