Saturday, July 23, 2011

Penguin and Seal sketching activity for Summer Art Camp

To fit the Antarctica theme of the Summer Art Camp program at Highlands Elementary, I created another Penguin and Seal sketching sheet. Eight different classes of 5 to 7 year old students were provided with markers and colored pencils and were instructed to customize their activity sheets using their creative license. They could draw and color it into a natural scene or use their imagination and add any details and speech balloons to create a fantasy illustration.
Coloring and doodling at summer art camp.

Some happy students with their finished projects.

Some students chose the option of exercising their writing skills turning the sketching page into a comic book panel with some dialog between the penguin and the seal..
This student chose to do the entire drawing herself using the sketching sheet just as a reference starting point.
Fully colored and lettered.Once the initial project was complete, a few students chose to tackle it again using a different approach. This young artist went in a completely different direction and drew a couple of dueling dragons which are always welcomed in any of my sketching classes.

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