Friday, August 5, 2011

ARTSCool Cartoon Sketching Week-7 last day Photo Gallery

Thanks to all the students that took one of my cartooning classes this summer. Enjoy the rest of your school break and keep on sketching! Thanks to all the parents and grand parents that support the artistic development of their kids and grand kids. Please feel free to print and use any of the resources featured in this blog and on the list of sketching/coloring pages on the right. Additional recommended reading: Sachiko Umoto Illustration School books. Her simple and charming drawing style is quite easy to follow for budding artists of all ages. On the last day of class, the students completed their pop-up castles. Afterwards some of them made a mini comic, some experimented with oil pastels, and quite a few worked on a large underwater or outer space scene.
Really impressed with the creativity, discipline, and dedication displayed by the students that worked on their pop-up card project for the past two sessions. Once their first task was accomplished for the day, the students had the option of creating a mini comic or work on a large scale illustration to be eligible for the classroom prizes that included toys and art supplies.
Underwater scene colored with oil pastels.
This student chose to color her cartoon portrait with oil pastels. While another student used Prismacolor Art Stixs to color her own portrait.
Mini comic drawn with marker on ledger size card stock (11" x 17"). Five minutes before the class was over, our jury of interns chose the prize winners from our gallery wall and the completed pop-up castles. Thanks again Grace, Sarah, and Xylia for all your help this week! You were all great interns, and hope you consider returning for ARTScool 2012. With your discipline, initiative, and positive rapport with the kids, I am certain that you will prove again to be instrumental in creating a fun art experience and maintaining a safe environment for our students. Any instructor would be lucky to have you as part of his or her classroom support team next summer.

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