Monday, August 15, 2011

Trying out the Colorations Jumbo Tempera Cakes 8 Tropical colors tray set

Came across this set of tempera cakes in a box of donated art supplies, so I recruited my nieces to give them a try. They look like the type of product that you might encounter in a teacher's catalog. The generously-sized cakes adequately released the color washes after moistening them with a wet brush, but using larger diameter brushes and adding a few drops of water to each cake seemed to work more efficiently. Nicole and Camila both chose still life themes for their afternoon experiments. Stray paint wiped off easily enough with a wet paper towel. Color mixing was limited as you might expect for economy paints, but the kids had fun boldly "drawing" with their tempera paints.
Will add this tempera paint tray set to my classroom tool kit for upcoming classes. They might come in handy for experimenting and larger scale work for younger students.

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