Friday, September 23, 2011

Spent a fun evening at the Cary Arts Center Family Friday Open House

Just got back from the Cary Arts Center Open House. It was a fun evening drawing about 60 manga-style cartoon portraits in 4 hours for guests and volunteers. That means I managed to speed sketch 15 caricatures/hour, so I am pretty pleased to have beaten my average speed of 12 caricatures/hour. Though gotta admit that my left hand feels a tad numb as I type this post. I need to remember to take a few breaks every hour in future events. My brother managed to take a few photos of the evening, so I uploaded them to Flickr: photo 1, photo 2, and photo 3.
The bulk of the requests were ninja, mermaid, fairy, dragon rider, and cute animal sidekicks. A few guests even managed to go through the line 2 or 3 times to get additional cartoon versions of themselves drawn. Thanks to all the kids and parents that stopped by the sketching table, and hope you find some inspiration from your souvenir portraits and start or continue to develop your own sketching skills. With the general positive reception to this Manga-Style Cartoon Sketching event, I believe we'll be able to quickly fill upcoming drawing classes for kids and teens in the Cary area.

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