Monday, July 1, 2013

Manga Cartoon Portrait event log

Thank you to all the parents and kids that came by and stopped at the Manga Cartoon Portraits tent for their custom drawings! The rain stayed away and had a pleasant afternoon drawing 58 live cartoon portraits (even managed to document a few with photos) from 12:00 pm to 3:30 pm at the Cary Police Department Project Phoenix event in Wrenn Drive last Saturday. 55 drawing requests were from children and teens, and the remaining 3 were from adult guests. Most popular fantasy themes were princesses and mermaids for the girls. Most boys asked to be drawn as ninjas, archers, or soccer players. While younger kids favored fantasy themes, older kids and teen guests tended to favor fairly straightforward cartoon abstraction ("Draw me just the way I am"). Given the popularity of superheroes, there was a request for an original superhero, Iron Man, and Super Girl drawings. Original requests that stuck in my mind:
- Hippogriff rider (Think Harry Potter)
- Draw me with a Lion.
- Draw me with Wolves.
Since we were located on the far end of the venue, we had a bit of a slow start but the line grew in no time and my average speed for the day was 16.5 souvenir speed sketches per hour.
Notes for future events:
- Do not forget bug repellent for outdoor events.
- Duct tape was useful for affixing signs and portrait samples to the table.
- Setting the back of my chair towards the waiting line and using an easel would improve visibility of the drawing process for the audience. I went with a minimalist approach and relied on clipboards for this event.
- Chosen support was 8.5" X 11" card stock. Finished drawings were protected with a ledger size paper sleeve featuring a mermaid on one side and a dragon on the other.

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