Friday, May 30, 2014

Some Star Wars & Quick Miyazaki Sketches in the Car

Without having watched any of the movies yet, my six year old nephew has already developed a liking of Star Wars thanks to Lego sets mostly.

Not surprisingly, troopers and droids tend to be popular subjects for many kids his age.

I keep a spare sketchbook in the seat pocket of my car at all times, so that I can doodle when I'm stuck waiting in it for any length of time. Got a few Miyazaki inspired sketches in my current one, and Mateo has taken to copy some of them while riding in his car seat. Thus his version of "Haku" from "Spirited Away" is shown above next to mine. I think it is quite good considering that he drew it in the moving car while I drove him home after school.

He also added a couple of Kodama to this sketch page. Keep sketchbooks and pencils handy at all times to foster regular sketching habits in your budding artists. I keep a leadholder in my glove compartment since it does not require sharpening and it is always ready to be used. Unlike pens and markers, a graphite tool can withstand the extreme summer heat without adverse effects like drying out.

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