Monday, June 9, 2014

Using Faber Castell Pitt Big Brush Artist Pens to color my Sketchbook sample for upcoming classes at the Art Center

Class Sketchbook
Using my feathered dragon serpent cover for the sketchbooks that we'll be using in the class and camps starting this week at the Cary Arts Center. Decided to prepare a colored sample to have on hand, so I chose Faber Castell Pitt Big Brush Artist Pens to get the job done in a flash. Their larger brush nibs and juicy pigmented inks can cover smooth card stock pretty quickly and uniformly. The colors remain pretty vibrant since the pigment sits on top of the card stock instead of being absorbed into it like conventional marker inks.
Pitt coloring
Coloring one of the internal pages printed on 20 lb multipurpose paper was a tad uneven, but still the Pitt inks remain on one side and did not bleed through the sheet.
Pitt coloring
When held against the light, the image can be seen through the back. Unlike water-based markers, the Pitt pens inks do not seep through and barely cause some warping on the page when applied a bit more heavily. Regular kids markers would saturate the paper with dye ink that would be visible on both sides and even bleed through several pages.

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