Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving Acrylic Painting Session with the Kids

Once Thanksgiving lunch was over, what better way to spend the afternoon than experimenting with acrylic paints.

I used my Liquitex paint markers to make some underdrawings on some canvas boards for the kids to color with Liquitex Soft Body and Daler Rowney Simply acrylics.

Just make sure to have plenty of tubs with water for rinsing and diluting paints to the desired flow consistency. Having the right size of brushes that match the size of the canvas boards available makes for a more efficient painting session.

Smaller round brushes worked well for smaller surfaces.

Large wash brushes are the more efficient choice for covering larger canvas boards, and acrylic paint markers came in handy again to restore some of the linear sketch marks on top of large areas of homogeneous color like the dragon body above.

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